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Houses in Greece

Mareike Buchholz (owner and founder of iMove) and Ellen Sannier (owner and founder of Mobilia Real Estate) decided to join forces for "Houses in Greece” by specializing themselves on the sale of holiday homes close to the sea. They have a long experience in Greek Real Estate and the same passion for the country and its people.

As foreigners living and working in Greece, with a long market experience, they offer international clients a professional service and easy access to the Greek real estate market.

They have assembled a team of highly qualified professionals (lawyers, notaries, accountants) to offer the specialized services required to acquire a property in Greece with a total peace of mind.

Ellen, of French nationality, was born and raised in France and first came to Greece in 1992. She studied in France at the school of Techniques of Commercialization...
Mareike, of German nationality, was born in Brussels and first came to Greece with her family at the age of 14. She has graduated from I.S.I.T. (Institut Supérieur d´Interprétation et de Traduction).
Good to know

A residence permit for a period of five (5) years can be attributed to nationals of outside the EU, provided that they have either personally or through a company (where they owe all the shares) a property in Greece with a value of at least 250,000 euros.
The residence permit may be extended for the same duration, provided that the citizen continues to own the property in question. It can also be attributed to the members of his family.
For more information: http://www.investingreece.gov.gr/default.asp?pid=225&la=1

• appoint a lawyer to verify the titles. He will also be very helpful and assist you with all other paperwork.

• Apply for tax registry number (A.Φ.Μ, pronounced A.Fi.Mi)

• open a Greek bank account

• contact a notary (his role is to calculate all taxes to be paid as well as to assemble all necessary items from lawyer, engineer … to draw the final contract)

The purchaser will have to pay an additional +/- 10 % of the total property value for the following:
• Lawyer:
The lawyer’s fees shall freely be agreed to the extent that they are not lower than the minimum remuneration. It usually is between 0,5 and 3% of the total property value. We suggest that foreign investors always appoint a reputable lawyer, who specializes in real estate law and is fluent in the client’s mother tongue. We would be delighted to give you a list of reputed lawyers we work with.
• Public Notary (0,5-1,5%)
• Transfer Fees (3%)
Transfer Tax must be paid prior to the signing of the contract deed. Should the signing of the contract deed be cancelled for whatever reason when Transfer Tax has already been paid, the tax is refunded after making the appropriate application to the Tax Authorities.
• Registration
• Agency fee 2% (+ 24% V.A.T.). It is understood that the agent’s commission for his services is due only upon signature of final contract.